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Maintenance & Repair...

No job is to small, if all you need is a bulb changed that's not a problem.

From a blow fuse to replacing a consumer unit, perhaps you have lost power to a socket outlet or your lights don't work. Maybe you have not long moved in and wonder if those wires should be like that, this is the sort of thing we deal with all the time. It can be reassuring just to have the electrical installation checked from time to time just like an MOT on a car. New electrics should give trouble free service for years without any work required but the same electric that flows through a bulb and causes it to fail after a while is also flowing through the wires and fittings.

There is some truth to the old adage "if it isn't broke don't fix it" but unlike gas or water you cant see, smell or taste electricity if it leaks BUT believe me you can certainly feel it !!!

Our question is "How do you know it is not broken if its not been checked?"



Design & Installation...


If you are embarking on a building project, perhaps an extension or garden room you should seek professional help in the design and layout of your new electrical installation as there are regulations to be adhered to and failure to do so may impact on the legitimacy and therefore value of the finished project. After a survey of the existing set up we can then advise as to the most cost effective way to proceed. Many people do not know that new circuits need to be certified under Part P of the building regulations and this may require upgrading your existing system. If this is overlooked it may have a big impact on the project budget. For example, in the past we have experienced a situation where a builder fitted a new steel lintel, the ceiling is put up just to find that there is now no way of connecting to the existing house circuits. If a design plan is used all of the trades involved in the build at first fix can be sure to take account of the electrical requirements.

We use a CAD (Computer Aided Design) system to help produce design drawings. Modern buildings are full of insulation and the current carrying capacity of a cable is partly determined by the amount of insulation it passes through; a 2.5mm cable may carry 27 amps but if well insulated may drop below 15 Amps. Electricity hasn’t changed but the way we use it is now more important than ever.


We can carry out all aspects of the work require but many householders wish to do as much as possible themselves, maybe due to cost or more often the sense of achievement gained or perhaps a little of both, so long as the work is done to standard and we can give the required advice on this and oversee the work and then issue the necessary documentation.


Testing & Certification...

Without wanting to get to technical, there are regulations controlling what electrical work can be done with and without the involvement of the man from the council (Building Control Services). All work needs to be carried out to Bs7671 2008 as amended to 2011 (known as the 17th addition). Part P of the building regulations defines notifiable and this work needs to be tested and the correct documentation completed and filed . Only persons with the correct knowledge and experience are considered competent to carry out such testing. Persons with the necessary qualifications are able to join a self certificating scheme like the NICEIC scheme.

To be part of the scheme we need to have the latest equipment and keep it tip top condition and calibrated.

Who checks the checkers? The NICEIC carry out periodic inspection of our work to ensure that we maintain the required standards.

Contracting & Sub Contracting

Contracting & Sub Contracting...

If you are the main contractor or project manager and looking for reliable and efficient electrical contractor to carry out your instructions then look no further.

Plumbers – Kitchen & Bathroom Fitters - Builders

Why not use us for the electrics, no need to be concerned if you have fitted a new circuit or just extended the old. Did you know it is now legal to have a socket in a bathroom? There are rules but do you have the time or inclination to study these? Best just call the sparks to sort it.

My Dad says "Those wires are full of Electrickery" don't get caught out call the sparks!

Perhaps you are another electrical contractor who is running behind because of holiday or illness? If so, we can step in to help using un-written vans and non logo clothing so we can be the additional staff you need.

Registered with HMRC CIS scheme we will not make your administration hard work. Industrial, new build and refurbishment we are here to help.

We can work with your budget and time scale, whether a day rate or job price, we offer best value at RTM Electrical.

Latest Tech and Spec

Latest Tech and Spec

Latest Tech and Spec...


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